How To Fix Attribute Name "async" Associated With An Element Type "script" Must Be Followed By The ' = ' Error

How To Solve Adsense Codes Error When you submit your adsense code into your blogspot blog you see an error. Attribute Name "async" Associated With An Element Type "script" Must Be Followed By The ' = ' Now what should you can do for fix that? Now if you submit your ads on your template and "Edit Template" you will saw a error message. like Error parsing XML, line 1473, column 15: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character

How To Fix Adsense Page-Level Ads Error Async Element : Now replace the attribute async with async="async" in codes and complete the process
<script async="async" src="http://
<ins class="adsbygoogle"

How To Create Your Google Gmail Account

How To Create Your Gmail Account Today i will share How to create google account. Creating a google account you can use google all products and service freely (Gmail, Google+,Youtube, Playstore, Adsense, Chrome, Google maps etc). Google provide thes service are free of cost. You just sign up to google and enjoy their free service.
How to Create Google Account
Step 1: You need a computer and internet connection. now open your internet browser (internet explorer/mozilla firefox) and go to the Google home page: or directly go to
Step 2: Click on "Gmail" at the top right corner of the page.
Step 3: You’ll now be in the ‘Sign in’ section. As you don’t have a Google account yet, you need to create one. Now we create a new account. So Click "Create an account".
Step 4: This page fill up all form by your information. Google needs some information about you.
first name and last namesdate of birth (birthday)Gender : male or female…

How to Add AdSense Page-level ads in Blogspot Blog

How to Setup AdSense Page-level ads in Blogspot

Google provide page-level ads for blogspot bloggers or any webmasters which means that you can now add AdSense Ads right on your mobile template also. You can now monetize your blog on the templates as you do with mobile apps. Thanks to the Google Adsense admob Ads Team.
Why Choose AdSense Page-level ads on Blogger? : Google Adsense page-level ads increase your revenue higher. Let's know about page-level ads on blogger

AdSense page-level ads help you increase your revenue and provide a good user experienceProvide Two Format Ads:
1. anchor/overlay ads and
2. vignettesDon’t count towards your 3 ads per page limit - You can use them along with your content and link units on any page.Only display on mobile-optimized sites. Optimized mobile ads to help increase blog revenue Mobile Responsive.
Page-level Ad Formats : Google Adsense provide for all blogger two types of page-level ads include Anchors, which ads places at the bottom of the scree…

High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission List

Free Instant Approval Directory Submission List Today i am share High Pr Instant Approval Directory Submission List. Here is the list of verified blog directories where you can submit your blog Website free. This web directory are verified manually and you get approve your site instantly.
High PR Free Instant Approval Directory Submission List
1. Pagerank 7
2. Pagerank 7
3. Pagerank 7
4. Pagerank 7
5. Pagerank 7
6. Pagerank 7
7. Pagerank 6
8. Pagerank 6
9. Pagerank 6
10. Pagerank 6
11. Pagerank 6
12. Pagerank 6
13. Pagerank 6
14. Pagerank 6
15. Pagerank 6
16. Pagerank 5
17. Pagerank 4

How To Do Directory Submission in SEO

Hi Friends, today i am share How to do directory submission for seo Directory Submission Is a Very Important part For improve Search Engine Optimization (seo). But The Newbie Bloggers Don't Know How To Submit Their blog to Directories. They Have Make Mistakes In Directory Submission And Ruin The Blogger or Website Rankings. So Today I will Share You Many Directory Submission Tips For better Seo. Submit The Directories With These Tips And You Will Definitely Increase Your Blog or Website Ranking In Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

How to do Directory Submission for SEO
Let's Go, Today We Know How To Submit Website In Directory. Its Very Important for Search Engine Optimization.
1. Choose High PR Directory
At First Check These High PR Directory. If The PR (Pagerank) Is Zero Then You Have No Need To Submit Those Directory. Always Submit High PR Directory. High PR Directory Increase Your Ranking Top In Search Engines Result. And The Low PR Directories Submission Is a Invitation T…

How To Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Search Console

How To Add Website To Google Search Go to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools), sign into your Google account (gmail account) and click Add A Property button to add your website. Then Select "Website" from menu and type your website’s URL in the box. Click the blue button to continue. Your Website Added, Now Verification step. click Alternative Method HTML Tag and Get HTML code Like <meta name="google-site-verification" content="MihCXGdk-jU3GFt7vEM7xnZGoHAAZYjVL-8eR9xDNyY" /> collect it and copy this code. Only copy the code that is in the parenthesis after content, Log in to your website Admin panel. Now paste this code to your website head tag or into template head html codes. Now again goto Google Webmaster Tool, Click on the ‘Google Webmaster Tools Search Console and click "Verify" button. You will see a message like "Congratulations! You’ve connected your website to Google Search Console". Now that you’ve verif…

Get PR 9 10 Do Follow Backlink For Your Website

PR 9 Do Follow Backlink Websites Today I will share high quality page rank website link for increase your blogs or website performance. Page rank is highly recommend for better seo and search engine Optimization (seo). I shared very high reputed website with a PageRank of 9. Step to get free do-follow backlink and get more searchable blog. Just Sign Up thes website and create free Account Fill out the details and submit Sign Up form and get backlink. After some days, Seo engine will start showing your Backlink from thes site which is enough to assure that you got PR9 backlink from.
Top pr 9 Do follow backlink website link
15. http://amazo…

How to change profile address in microworkers

How to change profile in Microworkers Some of my friends ask me for how to change their Microworkers account profile address. So today i am sharing better solution for problem to change microworker address. Just follow my easy steps.
1) Log in to your Microworkers account ( Microworkers Login Page )
2) Click Support
3) Now you click on the " Submit " button at the left side or visit (Microworkers Support )
4) Select "Account" from menu list
5) Now write your subject in the "Subject" box. you can write like "Request for change my Address"
6) In 'Question ' box write full detail's cause of changing your address.
7) After writing then click on ' Send Massage Button. your message is successfully sent. Now wait and Soon You will get an email from Microworkers Support Team. Thanks for visit your favorites website TipsWap.Com

How to Add Google AdSense Ad into Your Blog on Blogger

How to add google adsense into blog on blogger Adsense is the top advertisement adnetwork service of google. Google provide the best monetize service for all publisher. All publisher can add google adsense ad code into their blog, and get hug of money from their website or blog. Today i will share
How to adsense on blogger blog

1. At first Log into your Blogger account with your gmail id and password.
2. Click the "Layout" link under your blog name on the Dashboard. [N.B If you don't have such a link, then go to your Templates page for your blog and click the "AdSense" tab.
3. If you have clicked the "Layout" link earlier, you will now be given a choice of where to place your advertisments ad for your blogs. For example, if you want to put your ad in the side column click the "Add a Page Element" link in that column. If you want it at the bottom of the page, click the similarly named link at the bottom. A new window will open, allowing yo…