How To Share Youtube Video Link Without Spamming

How To Share YouTube Video Link To Facebook or How To Share Youtube Video Link Without Spam Hello friends, today i will go to share how you can share your YouTube videos link to Facebook or other platform without block and spam free.
Some friends ask me how to share YouTube Video Link into Facebook Page, Group or there own Timeline and it's right or wrong?
So this post also help them.
Where You Share Your Video Link For Hug Views
At first Subscribe my Youtube channel for latest all video updates and select notification button. Because we upload much more tutorials regularly. When we play any Youtube video, we saw share button under this video. We can share our video using this share button. We can share our videos to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, StumbleUpon... etc Social Media websites.
Today i will share how to share Youtube video link to Facebook. Share your videos into Facebook but most important things Spamming. Youtube or Google not accep…

How To Verify Facebook Page – Facebook Page Verification

HOW TO VERIFY FACEBOOK PAGE To open a page in the Facebook is not a difficult matter it takes a few second. And those who have somewhat big page, they want their pages to be verified. Now How to make your pages verified or how to verify Facebook page? Really, these are no veal approach to check Facebook pages or these are no extraordinary site where you may apply for confirmation. It some individual likewise instructs you to do as such, it will be better not to trust them. Facebook page check depends completely on the Facebook power, not on any client. Just persuasive pages are chosen and confirmed. Maybe a couple of our Facebook pages were checked toward the start of the begin of confirmation process, and we don’t did anything. All of a sudden an email originated from the Facebook and a content like “Your page is qualified for check, click here to apply” Appeared at the highest point of the page. In the wake of clicking at the connection, it was advised to submit numerous sorts o…

How To Delete Google Or Gmail Account Permanently

HOW TO DELETE GOOGLE OR GMAIL ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY We use google as our first search engine and most useful of their products like Gmail, Google Plus, Playstore, Webmaster Tools, Drive, Youtube and many more. Sometimes we need to delete our google account or gmail account or any products of google. We can delete our google account only if we want not use of any services from google or delete only some products of google. So today we have been know than How To Delete Google Or Gmail Account Permanently
We will also know how How to delete a Google account or any service of that account like Gmail, Google+, YouTube etc . So, let’s see how to start this step. HOW TO DELETE GMAIL, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE+ PRODUCTS ONLY 1. At first,  log in  to your Google account with your Gmail Id. Then  this link . Then Click on the Delete Products option.
2. Now, you will see login page of google with password again.
3. Enter your Google/Gmail Password there and click on Sign In button.
4. Now, Click on the …

How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook

HOW TO MAKE SINGLE NAME ACCOUNT ON FACEBOOK Many friends have want to know How to make Single Name Account on Facebook Most people have been searching on Google about How to make Single Name account on Facebook? or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook? . So today said my friends that, here is a simple method explaining how to make single name account on Facebook successfully. Importantly One thing you should make a note is Indonesians are officially allowed to have single name accounts on Facebook. So as most of the people on Indonesia country people have only one name or single name account in Facebook. So how we can doing this and pretending that we are from Indonesia. So I hope you understood the logic!! Also one thing you should know is only Indonesians are legally eligible to have this single name accounts and rest other country people are not!! So if you want a single name, your wish whether you perform this trick. Take our trick easily and performing this one name process.

How To Send Email Anonymously Using Random Address

HOW TO SEND EMAIL ANONYMOUSLY USING RANDOM ADDRESS Today iam talking about How To Send Mail Anonymously Using Random Address. It's very important part that a hacker want to hide their main email address for any hacking. So they send email by anonymously using Random email address. Now i have share this process How To Send Email Anonymously Using Random Address. You will know an easy way to send emails to any address without signing in to your own email account. You can use any address as the sender address. So, let’s check the whole procedure to send email anonymously with follow our easily step. So let's start. HOW TO SEND EMAIL ANONYMOUSLY 1. At first, visit this website
2. Now, fill the fields with any information you want. Just make sure that the To box contains the exact email address you want to mail to.
3. After writing the email and attaching any files (if required), you have to click on the box beside the text I’m not a robot. Then you may need t…

Eid-Ul-Fitr SMS: English Eid Mubarak SMS

Today i am going to share some best Eid sms in English. It's really helpful for wish to someone eid mubarak. ENGLISH EID MUBARAK SMS Some best Eid wish SMS Collection.
I wish you all a very happy and joyful Eid-ul-Fitr 2017. May Allah accept your good works, forgive your faults & ease the sorrows of all the people around the world. ~Eid Mubarak~
On this holy occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr 2017, I wish the depth of our friendship always remains the same. ~Eid Mubarak~
Wishing you good health, happiness, and prosperity this Eid. *Eid Mubarak*
May Allah fulfill your wishes & bless you with strength, prosperity, and happiness. Have a blessed Eid. (Eid Mubarak)
As I pray to Allah for blessing you with joy & prosperity this Eid-Ul-Fitr. :: Happy Eid::
Hope that the holy occasion of Eid-UL-Fitr brings peace and joy to you and your family. And shower you home with Allah…

Eid-Ul-Fitr SMS: Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS

Eid-Ul-Fitr SMS: BANGLA EID MUBARAK SMS We see that Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 is knocking at the door. On the happy occasion of Eid, you need Eid SMS to send to your near and dear ones. This trend is growing day by day, with the popularity of mobile phones. So, here are some free Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS to copy and send to your family and friends on this holy occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.
Note: These Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS may be similar to some other SMS found in some websites. Here are some uncommon Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS:
Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS BANGLA EID SMS 1:
Iccha gulo akash chulo, Vaslo megh er sari, Khusir jhore tepantore hridoy dilo pari, Moner majhe shey baje, Khusite mon saje, EID er din hok rongin ai kamonate, “EID MUBARAK”
Nuton chad debe uki, Eid er ar nei baki… Hajar hajar tarar mela, Pub akashe roder khela, Eid ta tomar katbe valo, ei amar asha… tai tumake janai eid-er ogrim subeccha… “EID MUBARAK”
Tor iccha gulo ure berak pakhna duti mele, Ding…

How To Root Android Mobile Easily

HOW TO ROOT ANDROID MOBILE EASILY Android Mobile Phones are very popular among the young generation. It has great features with a lot of apps in the Google Play Store. Besides, it has some extra features, which can’t be used by the general users. These features are officially locked by the manufacturers. If anyone wants to use these features, he/she will have to ROOT the phone. In this post, I will discuss the easiest way to root a Android phone and its advantages and disadvantages. HOW TO ROOT ANDROID MOBILE PHONE EASILYWHAT IS ROOT?
Root is the supreme power of any mobile phone user which enables some features for him/her. If you buy an Android phone, you can use some features of it. The other advanced features like editing the apps, special settings etc can’t be done without rooting. So, if you want to use these extra features and want to get administrative power, you must root your phone.
Let me explain a bit more! In Windows operating system, you can’t change or delete system fi…

GP Free Internet 2017 | GrameenPhone Free Net 2017

GP FREE INTERNET 2017 | GRAMEENPHONE FREE NET 2017 Hey gays, How are you? I think your are well.Today i share an amazing Free Net Trick. You can use Free Net On GP . Here you can be helpful after knowing how to use gp free internet in 2017. Now we have to know some of requirement about gp free internet. please avoid to have your account balance and MB,if you have it can charge for your internet browsing or downloading. So Decrease your account balance to zero (0)
GrameenPhone Free Net when your are using gp free internet, you shouldn’t buy any internet package with any cost. it’s really a great gp free internet tips. at first configure your android setting following below instructions. Goto Setting > More setting > Mobile network > Account access point > Grameenphone > Now create a new apn like below...
Apn: gpinternet
Proxy: blank
Port: blank
Save and select
now your android setting is ready for free net. Don’t use free net before read more. android users should b…

How To Merge Facebook Pages Easily

HOW TO MERGE FACEBOOK PAGE EASILY If you run a business, there's a good chance that your customers and fans have created Facebook Pages that may be drawing views away from your main page. This is most common when you have a physical location and a Facebook user misspells your business when checking in. Merging these pages allows you to keep all of your fans and customers in one place, and gives you more control over your message and marketing.
Highly recommend what are actually requirements for merging
1. Facebook will only merge Pages if the Pages being merged meet certain criteria.
2. You must have "Manager" access for all the Pages being merged.
3. The Pages must have similar content. For example, you cannot merge a page representing a nongovernmental organization with one representing a record label.
4. The Pages must have similar names. For example, you could merge "TipsWap" and "TipsWap Page", but you couldn't merge "TipsWap" and &…