How to Add AdSense Page-level ads in Blogspot Blog

How to Setup AdSense Page-level ads in Blogspot

Google provide page-level ads for blogspot bloggers or any webmasters which means that you can now add AdSense Ads right on your mobile template also. You can now monetize your blog on the templates as you do with mobile apps. Thanks to the Google Adsense admob Ads Team.
Why Choose AdSense Page-level ads on Blogger? : Google Adsense page-level ads increase your revenue higher. Let's know about page-level ads on blogger

  • AdSense page-level ads help you increase your revenue and provide a good user experience
  • Provide Two Format Ads:
    1. anchor/overlay ads and
    2. vignettes
  • Don’t count towards your 3 ads per page limit - You can use them along with your content and link units on any page.
  • Only display on mobile-optimized sites. Optimized mobile ads to help increase blog revenue Mobile Responsive.

Page-level Ad Formats : Google Adsense provide for all blogger two types of page-level ads include Anchors, which ads places at the bottom of the screen and Vignettes which are full screen ads that work similar to Admob's Interstitial adverts company. Vignettes is best for mobile advertising on blogger. This ads displayed very smoothly and perfectly.
How to Setup Page-Level Ads in Blogspot Blogs
1. Log into your AdSense Account
2. Click on this link
3. Click the two toggle buttons to control or switch on "Anchor/ overlay ads" and "Vignette ads"

4. Scroll down and click the "Get Code" button on this page

5. Copy the code to your clipboard.

6. Go to Blogger blog > Template > Backup your Template
7. Click the 'Edit HTML' button and search for the head tag.
8. Paste the page-level ad code in the head tag

9. If you complete your process, you do successfully add your google adsense code and wait for approval days.


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