How To Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Search Console

How To Add Website To Google Search

Go to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools), sign into your Google account (gmail account) and click Add A Property button to add your website. Then Select "Website" from menu and type your website’s URL in the box. Click the blue button to continue. Your Website Added, Now Verification step. click Alternative Method HTML Tag and Get HTML code Like
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="MihCXGdk-jU3GFt7vEM7xnZGoHAAZYjVL-8eR9xDNyY" />
collect it and copy this code. Only copy the code that is in the parenthesis after content, Log in to your website Admin panel. Now paste this code to your website head tag or into template head html codes. Now again goto Google Webmaster Tool, Click on the ‘Google Webmaster Tools Search Console and click "Verify" button. You will see a message like "Congratulations! You’ve connected your website to Google Search Console". Now that you’ve verified and connected your website to google webmaster search result, Now you can submit your sitemap to google. I will share how to add sitemap to google next post.


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