Affiliate Marketing Full Guidance For Beginner (Affiliate Marketing A to Z)

Today we go to know about some meaning of Affiliate Marketing . We can make money with Affiliate Marketing.
So firstly we have to know about it. Here i have write a short describe about Affiliate Marketing . Next time i will write more about it. So let's start with me.
Advertiser: Advertise is a company who provides some advertisement ads and send you money. Advertise Company provide CPA Network Service Advertisement. The Advertise are Retailers or Online Marketers.
Publisher: Who promote Advertisement Ads or sell there products and get commission. We are publisher.
PPL (Pay-Per-Lead): Pay Per Lead or when you lead any products they will pay you some money. Suppose you have take some ads or products from any Affiliate Network and put their banner to your website. When a visitor click this banner and submit a form and submit their email, you will get a lead and get some money. (You haven't need sell any products in this process, get paid when a visitor submit their email).
CPL (Cost-Per-Lead ): It is Amount of your Lead. How many money for a lead. It is your commission. Ex: 1 lead = $1
PPS (Pay-Per-Sale): If a Publisher get a Sell any product of her Affiliate Network by her own refer, this publisher will get a commission. (in this process, publisher get money when they have sell products).
CPS (Cost-Per-Sale): It's amount of selling a product. How will get you money for a product when sell it.
PPC (Pay-Per-Click): Suppose you have add a banner of a Affiliate Advertisement Network to your website, when a visitor click to this banner you will get money. Ex: Google Adsense. When a viaitor click google ads, publisher get some money to their adsense account.
CPC (Cost-Per-Click): It's amount of a click. How will a publisher get money for a click. Ex: 1 click = $0.50
CTR (Click-Through-Rate): It's Percentages of Banner Impression and Banner Click. Suppose your banner impression is 5000 and click 50, Your CTR 50/5000 = 0.01%
Lead: When a visitor click a publisher ads and submit their email or fillup forms, complete survey, download etc.. Publisher get a lead and get some money.
EPC (Earnings-Per-Click): It's amount of a click. Suppose you have get 50 click and 5 lead, And if a lead PPL $1.40 then your total earning $1.40 x 5 = $7, And Your EPC $7/50 = $0.14
There are very common word to Affiliate Marketing Network. I have written vey short, but it's enough. If you had any problem, you can comment us. I will help you very shortly. Thanks for read us. You can share this with your friends


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