Earn Money By Uploading Files Earn $5 on Every 1000 Downloads

Today i will share a website where you can upload your files (picture, audio, video etc) and get money. I think you all enjoy this.

How To Earn Money By Uploading Files

1. Unlimited Storage Space!
2. No Limit Uploading Maximum File Size! You can upload your file of any size limit
3. No Limit For File Deleted Time! You can keep the file as long as you want.
4. No Captcha will be filled during download.
5. Download Resume Supported.
6. You can earn $5 on every 1000 downloads.
7. Your incomed dollars you can withdraw via PayPal, Payza, Web Money, Bitcoin.
8. Minimum withdraw $10. You can withdraw money at ten dollars.
9. You will receive your money in 24 hours.
10. This is 100% trusted site. So you do not have to tension with the payment.
11. Upload files, then copy this files url and share it to forum, website, group, pages etc. You can also share social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. One thousand downloads is not big enough, uploading multiple files will allow you to earn $3-$4 a day easily. You must remember that as much downloads as much money

If you get helped by reading our post please share with your friends to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus etc social media. . If you faced any problem please comment here, i will help you shortly.


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