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How To Write SEO-Friendly Article and Put Website First Page of Google

In the current context, blogging without good quality content can not be thought of, with some updates in Google, some things are connected. The most important thing Google is giving to Google in 2016 is the article. The short article or the article is not good, the search engines never rank those articles. Your target is to bring your blog to the first page of Google. If your blog has a complete SEO, SEO-Friendly Article then you do not have to run behind Google, Google will run behind you. Google will automatically give you a rank. And if you come to the first page you will not lack visitors. Web specialists know very well that "Visitor = Money" This is really true forever. The visitor is not worth your site. More visitors can be more than visitors. According to Google's latest updates, Google is giving more importance to the good quality article. So you have to write a good quality SEO Friendly Article . For this, following my SEO tips, hopefully you will get great results.
How To Makes SEO Friendly Articles
1. Always try to make the article bigger. Google wants to show such posts to its users, which are informative, so always write informative posts. Ideally write articles in 300-1500 words.
2. Use your main keyword in the title. Visitors, first to see the title, make the title attractive. Such as
a) "Download 1 book to earn online"
b) "Are you worried about your career? Download an ebook full of online income"
Dear Friends, you have read two sentences, do you understand something? Yes, certainly understand that the second audition is sweet and informative, interesting but the other is not so interesting.
3. Try to keep the keyword density of 2-3% in the article.
That is, if you write 100 words, then you have to keep the keyword 2 or 3. Using additional keywords is called Keyword Stuffing . Which is optimized over the Search Engine. This type of article completely ignored the search engine. This type of article is SEO Friendly Article so please refrain from writing such articles.
4. Use h1, h2 heading tags For example, when we read the magazines, we do not read all of the magazines. We just read the title, but in some cases we can read the full text. So h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 heading will definitely be used. Search Engines see these as titles. But be careful! h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 can never be written 2 times more than 1 time, then Google can give you a penalty.
5. Bold, italic, underlined keywords that use keywords in your artwork.
6. Keep your writing font size in 15, so that the user is friendly. Always try to write your article human friendly, then the automatic search engine will be friendly.
7. Put a picture in an important place and use Alt Tag alt = "your alt text"
8. Some of the words strong, underline, bold
9. At the end of the post, request to share your writing. Because the importance of posting or posting to more social media posts is more important to Google. So always request Visitors to share.
10. You will eventually post something which is useful to humans.
Keyword is very important. Without keyword, SEO can not be thought of. We need to know the proper use of keywords. Always keep main keyword in title. Another thing is to think about how you can post about what you are posting, add 4-5 lines as Meta Description , and you must have keywords in Meta description. Must use keywords in h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags. Put the keyword on the image alt tags. Keywords will bold, underline, Italic. Keep the key in the first paragraph and the last paragraph
Note: Copying another's writing will end up in your own name and you become a blogger, it is not so easy to get your business successful. So do blogging with your own content.
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Above all, you need to be moral, then you can reach your desired goal. Stay up to date everybody, stay healthy. Good luck for everyone. If someone has any problem tell the comment. I will try to solve


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